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Our Story

Gregg Frame Studio has been an established part of the Bexley community for over seventy years.  Founded in 1953 by Albert Gregg, the business was primarily a photography studio that offered framing services as a supplement to the portrait work.  As the business grew, gradually the framing side took prominence, and by the time Gregg was ready to retire in 1982, it was substantial enough to continue on its own. Every new owner has been a previous employee of the business, building on relationships with customers that can last a lifetime. We have several clients who recall as children being the subject of a Gregg photo shoot during the early years of the business, who continue to come to us for framing today.


Throughout its history Gregg Frame Studio has had the opportunity to work with many of Central Ohio’s most respected galleries and museums, including the Columbus Museum of Art, the Zanesville Museum of Art, Hammond Harkins Galleries and Keny Galleries, as well as numerous local artists and private collectors.  From Columbus natives such as Aminah Robinson, George Bellows and Alice Schille, to world renowned figures like Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol, Gregg Frame Studio has been trusted with exciting projects because we are experienced and skilled in the proper handling of fine art.

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